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Deacon O’Toole has four current cases pending before the tribunal and said it is a “lengthy process” — on average, nearly a year from start to finish in his diocese.However, the heavy lifting of thoroughly preparing the application for the tribunal takes about four-six weeks from the day people first sit in his office.

The tribunal makes the evidence available for review by both parties and their canon lawyers, who can submit their rebuttals.Canonical Process for Nullity Once the application is complete, it is sent off to the diocesan tribunal, an ecclesiastical court that includes among its staff a judicial vicar, at least three judges and a canon lawyer known as the defender of the bond.The tribunal decides whether and on which grounds the petition is accepted, Nguyen said, and then informs both civilly divorced parties once the petition, or , is accepted.Deacon O’Toole said he spends two hours with divorced persons in his office and said such individuals decide whether to take the step to apply for a declaration of nullity once they understand what that process entails.“The process is just about determining whether a [valid act of marrying] occurred at that moment [when the ceremony took place],” he said.

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