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titled “Sorry I Murdered Everyone, but I’m an Introvert.”A new study pokes another hole in the classic conception of the introvert—that after spending time with other people, they need time to recharge, alone, and that this is what extroverts just don’t understand.

As the culprit in Ortberg’s post put it, “I shouldn’t have killed them, but at the same time, it’s not wrong for me to need space to reflect and recharge before I’m ready to interact with people.”The study tracked 48 students at Finnish universities, who reported via phone survey on their behavior and feelings five times a day for 12 days.

Somehow, it seems like we’ve ended up with stereotypes where introverts order pizza in bed and think deep important thoughts while extroverts prance around them setting things on fire and begging them to come out for a drink.

I exaggerate, but one 2012 opinion article in goes as far as saying that in “a world without introverts …

There's not just one way to be an introvert, Cheek now argues — rather, there are four shades of introversion: social, thinking, anxious, and restrained.

And many introverts are a mix of all four types, rather than demonstrating one type over the others.

(People also needed time to recharge three hours after conscientious behavior—things like studying or working—which makes sense, since self-control takes a lot of energy.)“For those who do feel depleted after social interaction …

are things like " said Cheek, a psychology professor at Wellesley College.

And yet neither of these things are part of the definition of the trait according to scientific literature.

it may be pleasant to learn that such a reaction is quite normal (and does not imply that one is an introvert or that one is lazy),” the study reads.

The tightrope walk of personality research is that while personality traits do predict behavior, it’s also true that people act out of character a lot of the time.

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