Waldorf speed dating

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Serena Getting Drugged Twice If someone gets a drug slipped in their drink at a club once, shame on the person who put it there.

If someone gets a drug slipped in their drink at a club twice, shame on the writers for not coming up with a better plot. The show expected us to believe that the pinnacle of literary publishing in America would devote some of its pages to an unknown high-school junior whose best friend sent in his story as a blind submission?

No one thought to ask how this raven-eyed moppet was putting in so many hours when she was supposed to be in study hall?

Chuck Bass Owning a Bar In season three, Chuck opened a rip-off of The Box called Victoria.

Seriously, Serena got dosed in season one by Georgina Sparks and again in season four by Juliet Sharp. Jenny’s Fashion Career Why would Eleanor Waldorf, the heiress behind a million-dollar fashion business, put everything in the hands of a 16-year-old intern with way too much eyeliner?

Just because Jenny goes to school with her daughter?

He also uses Gossip Girl to help him find Jenny when she disappears to throw a guerrilla fashion show.

Nate Archibald Running Rufus and Lily’s Love Child Dating Vanessa That a socialite and her Seven Mary Three–esque ’90s rocker boyfriend would give up their child for adoption isn’t unbelievable. Also, after he revealed his identity, he disappeared never to be heard from again, like the clap after seven days of Cipro.

What no one could buy, however, was that their love child would blow into town and decide to date Vanessa. Everything About Vanessa While we’re at it, it’s impossible to believe that anyone would be friends with this self-important, overly sincere, constantly meddling barista from Brooklyn.

Sedan födseln lider Kristen Bell av amblyopi på det högra ögat.

Kristen Bell började på Burton Elementary school i Huntington Woods, där hon studerade bland annat sång och dans.

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