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See full summary » It seems like one of the hardest things to get out of Hollywood or an indie producer is a decent horror movie."Satanic" is yet another in a long line of below par, forgettable horror movies made in the past 10 years.Rising through the hierarchy: If you live a good life as a Satanist, you can rise through the church ranks.Membership in the Temple of Set requires an annual fee.

The tighten up a bit and get better as the trouble starts hitting them, but by that point I really had lost all interest in them. more irritating towards the end than anything else, really. I was originally going to give this a 1, but that's not fair given the number of staggeringly awful horror films out there (like "American Poltergeist", "Ouija Experiment 2", etc).

to to address what I believe is that satan is the representation of the true God I have looked into many things such as the great spirit Buddha and traditional Buddhist beliefs baphomet egyptian mythology Gaian (ect ect ect) I think that many have an element of truth but some do not at all but in terms of experience when contacting spirits and what not on multiple occasions I have encounter most saying they have to do with baphomet or something closely related and those saying they have satans words of truth have given me truths that make the most sense out of everything I've ever heard (it's hard to explain just bear with me) after I looked into and I agree with many satanic philosophy's doctrines and ever since I have been a theistic satanist and to this day continue to seek all truth thank you for responding to the thread and have a very nice day! It's only the closest to the truth I can find thank you I hope that cleared it up (methamaniac) and if you have anymore questions just ask I'm not afraid to answer -Streetcow See, from my perspective your thoughts on Satanism just sounds like you worship another God or follow another religion.

I am not saying your beliefs are shallow or anything it is just a gripe I have regarding people who say they are Satanists.

These rules are similar to the Ten Commandments -- they dictate how you should live your life, and following them will bring goodness and prosperity.

A group of former classmates gather for a pre-party at one of their homes the night before their 10-year high school reunion, and one by one, they are brutally slain in a manner befitting each's senior yearbook superlative.

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