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Don’t mind that […] Does the sound of ripping material and muffled screams make your cock hot? It’s pretty much the main reason I started fooling around with you in the first place.I knew you were loaded with cash and that’s another reason I gave you pussy whenever you wanted.She would snatch the nearest drink, take two big gulps, set the glass down, and began to talk like her jaw was broken, drooling from the corners of her mouth. I suspect the tale was exaggerated, but, I also wouldn’t be surprised if every word was true. It was a good rule of thumb to always give into Beth, but never right away. I hope you are ready to eat my pussy,” the elusive FFFM foursome would have probably never been moved from my fantasy section to my reality. At some point Beth, Michael, and the security guy disappeared into the bathroom for a little over five minutes. Hanging off of Michael’s shoulder, her words barely understandable, Beth said, “Oh my God, Michael it is so good to see you, please don’t leave tomorrow. We will have so much fun together.”“Honey, I don’t need a beard anymore. Then she handed me her shot and said, “Here, drink this. When it came to play, Beth was the most selfish, manipulative, sneaky person I knew. Being bi, or heteroflexible, or whatever, was something she had lived with for two thirds of her life. Just close your eyes and stay like this for a minute. It was so slight, I don’t know how she even noticed it. Maybe she took my not moving as the answer she needed. Please know that my body is going to be yours forever. Lucky for me, no one could ever say no to her aggressive, take no prisoners, I’m-the-alpha-cunt-here attitude. I have been out for years.”The bartender caught my attention with a glare. I don’t think I have it in me to have another one.” I flinched, and I know she saw me flinch. I want you to take me home and have drunk sloppy sex.” Her tongue slipped in my ear. Making him happy with your mouth will make me so fucking happy. It’s OK.”Staring into the abyss, or in this case, the head of Michael’s cock, I watched as he throbbed towards my lips. It didn’t matter to her how difficult all this was. I had been living with it for about twenty minutes. But, the two inches between my lips and Michael’s cock was an expanse so vast it might have been infinite.“Babe, it is OK. But I wasn’t going to let my head get one millimeter closer to the thick cock head in front of me. Just like all those times you watched me go down on all those other girls. Even though you can’t go down on him, this has easily been the hottest experience of my life. I give you so many threesomes and you do this”Her hand raced back and forth over her clit and I was a statue. This small perfect face makes her seem like an […] I am very nasty all the time.I do things to my brats that I can only talk to you about on the phone.

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Even though I emptied my drink into my mouth I couldn’t swallow it all right away. Back at Beth’s place I sat in the recliner and Michael and Beth were on the couch. I remember once, out of nowhere she said, ‘I love sucking your cock so much I could use your pubes as dental floss,’ or ‘I want you to cum down the back of my throat so when I am having my morning coffee I burp up some of your sperm, getting to swallow your little guys all over again.”Michael laughed. While I'm trying to figure it out, I don’t even realize my balls are growing; my cock is throbbing in her mouth. It’s a dirty trick, like she’s distracting me so she can steal my cum. When I brought my attention back to Michael and Beth, Michael’s fly was unzipped and Beth’s hand stroked his hard cock. She knows how much I love really rough sex with another girl, so a lot of times she pulls off of me and says, 'I want to go out tomorrow night and find a whore for you to throat fuck.’ She might say something like, ‘I want you to abuse the fuck out of her mouth while force her down further.”Michael rested his hand on the back of Beth’s head and smiled at me. This wasn’t the first time I had watched Beth blow a man in front of me.

Over the next thirty seconds, little by little, I got it all down, poisoning my stomach just enough for it to accept the abuse. They were arguing about how gay Michael really was.“Please you are not 100% gay. “Sounds like Beth.”“And it isn’t even sexy, like I said. Michael looked directly into me when she lowered her head and wrapped her mouth around him. Fuck, I had even seen her blow one man while jerking off two others.

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