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Technology, as a consequence, has become more and more connected with both the economical conditions for the possibility of leisure and with the actual leisure-time activities themselves.

After first illustrating the evolution of "leisure" as a concept, this article will examine the theoretical and social debate surrounding the phenomenon of leisure time as part of an increasingly technological world.

Even though these descriptions of leisure time correspond to more contemporary notions that also contrast leisure time with work, the concept was nonetheless slow to develop.

89901, 31.3.1986 at the Romanian Office of Inventions and Marks).The available leisure time presents a framework for a very wide scope of individual leisure activities that often reflect contemporary changes.The hallmark of most recreational activities, at least since industrialisation, seems to be the interpenetration of leisure and rapidly evolving technology.From the mid-19th century onward, the availability of leisure time generally continued to increase.As this article demonstrates, the hallmark of most leisure-time activities, at least since the beginning of industrialisation, has been the interpenetration of leisure and technology.

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