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In Santa Luca’s designation, the controversial Qafzeh and Skhul sites were firmly placed out of the Neanderthal range.Neanderthals show a very distinctive craniofacial morphology relative to modern human populations.Today, most researchers follow a multiregional view which has the European Neanderthals interbreeding and being absorbed by invading populations, or to have been marginalized by invading until they died out, leaving no genetic legacy to modern humans. The Neanderthals were a very distinct group from earlier, later, and contemporary populations.They possessed several traits that have been used either as indicators of Neanderthal ancestry, or as autapomorphic Neanderthal traits. Santa Luca published an extensive study of Neanderthal traits and came to the conclusion that there were four Neanderthal autapomorphies which could be used to distinguish Neanderthals from contemporary sapiens populations.

However, the stratigraphy of the sites makes the dating of any of these methods with accuracy to the date of the skeletal material as unlikely, so the real date may be earlier or later.

The find was announced jointly in 1857, two years before Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

While this find was the beginning of paleoanthropology, it was also the beginning of a long debate that is just a vigorous today as it was a hundred years ago. Virchow claimed that it was the skeleton of a diseased Cossack cavalryman, with thick browridges developed from constantly furrowing his brow in pain. Vallois were the most prominent of those who believed that Neanderthals had no place in modern ancestry.

Researchers like Hublin and Spoor are trying to determine if the Neanderthals had a unique inner ear morphology that can be used as a Neanderthal autapomorhpy.

The diagrams below show the difference between modern humans, Neanderthals, and chimpanzees.

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