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Coddling of evil-doers had not then become fashionable.Later it was learned that banks, among other things, make counterfeiting more difficult and in many other ways safeguard the financial interests of all.A little later the bank employed two more men, one to serve as a messenger by day and the other as a watchman during the night.Their salaries were fixed at not less than 0 yearly each.James Ewing, Jofhua Wright, George Abbott, Peter Hunt, Abner Reeder. Readers of this later day may be somewhat puzzled by the employment of the old-style "long s" in place of the modern character, especially as it was not done in every instance, terminal "s" being the same then as now; but this was good typography at the date when the New Jersey Legislature passed the Act to "erect and eftablifh the Trenton Banking Company." Those were interesting times!The surrender of Cornwallis and the ending of the Revolutionary War were still fresh in memory. Dependable financial institutions, capable of rendering effectual banking service, were few and far between.In fact the average person in those days was concerned not so much with money as with the imitation of it, for counterfeiting was, with horse-stealing, a prevalent crime.And for such crime adequate punishment was provided.

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Banking in Trenton - banking as it is known and carried on in more modern times - had its birth as early as 1804.This parent banking institution has been privileged to witness the founding of numerous like agencies of financial service until, as this is written, more than a score of banks, trust companies, loan associations and the like are available for the financial activities of Trenton.It is of passing interest to note that these financial institutions have all helped increase the country's prosperity. The cracked teapot on the shelf above the fireplace provided ample depository for what small coins the average family possessed.Then it was that the Trenton Bank began business and service on what is now South Warren Street and in what until that time had been known as the "old Court House and Gaol." Since then this bank has expanded as the city has grown and has contributed largely to the development of Trenton's industries and trading by the advice of its directors, by the loaning of funds and by the safekeeping of deposits.Since then, also, this bank has had opportunity to serve through many an important crisis, through the War of 1812 when the British torch reduced this nation's capitol to ashes, through the Mexican, Civil and Spanish-American Wars and finally through the great European conflict involving the armed forces of most of the civilized world.

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