Updating software upgrades

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If your Combox or NBT i Drive is factory-installed, you would download the update file from BMW using your VIN number.If you installed the Bimmer Tech Combox Retrofit Kit or Bimmer Tech NBT Navigation Retrofit Kit, BMW’s records will still reflect that your car doesn’t have the new hardware, and therefore, won’t show that you qualify for the software update.If you see an error message while trying to update your device wirelessly, learn what to do.If you need more space for a wireless update, you can update using i Tunes or delete content manually from your device.

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This may cover things like multimedia, Bluetooth, Internet connectivity, or mobile device compatibility improvements, as the most recent update mentioned above provides.

Any owner can install this kind of update as long as your car features a Combox, which works with i Drive and enhances many technology features on your BMW.

Extended Warranty provides the same Terms & Conditions with an extension of the service period.

During the extended warranty period Samsung will provide service to any defective Samsung product within the scope of basic warranty, free of charge.

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