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Whether you have common sense or not its natural for any customers to request these, fair enough if the model feel uncomfortable with some of the request then all they can say is No, I dont do that.

The problem with adele was that she dragged on the situation with stalling tactics of making customers think she will do that but she ended up not doing, when she could have just said from the beginning I dont do that.

I'm not in favour of anyone going beyond there comfort zone as it kills a show for me, the comment was more for Adele's show when she was saying 1 thing to get people to go group or private and once there saying no or later maybe.

But all this is obsolete as since then i have been told the shows are much more to Elite standard and i read Mauro's comments about Allylou going naked so now i can say well done Elite for listening to the fans and paying customers Thats why.

At the end of the day all the girls have there own limits and can respect that its more about how it was done by only saying while the members where paying to find out those limits.

Lilly, at first said she wouldnt be showing her pussy when requested by a member when i was watching at first, then when i was back in the chat, she said she will flash her pussy for 50 credits, so i popped in when I saw the message and Guess what she flashed backside view and front view when requested with a tip.I just think people who think like that need to use some common sense on what to expect from certain Models an there limits.Elite will support there Model an there choice of how far they want to go just dont expect every show to be like a Sophia Knight show were she gets naked uses toys etc because not every model is like that.Its unfair for some customers/members to find out the hard way if they stayed in group/pvt for 10-15 only to request and rejected to realise its tame or boring to what you see on TV.We are paying £1.50 (15 credits a minute) just being in group/pvt and asking for more big credits is unfair, the odd little credits fair enough.

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