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If Rory had been looking at his face, she would have seen it clench in anticipation and then twist as his orgasm overtook him. Maybe she lives in a place with all kinds of wrinkled old people walking around. What about-" "Sandpaper," he interjected with a smile.

Not wanting to break her spirit or deprive her of hope, he didn't cry out in pleasure but only breathed heavily as the tension drained out of his body and into hers. Maybe it's near a trash dump with rotting food, and worms, and cockroaches.

And it had been so easy to slip the same drugs he had used on Jillian into Rory's rum and Coke once she had let him in the apartment and started asking how Jillian was. Her hands were similarly bound to her own thighs, and his wrists were bound to the posts of the headboard. I can't do anything about this until, well..." he arched his back a little, "about 45 minutes from now." She looked at the clock. Do it again and again, build up the tension and then finally grant and incredible release. But plenty of other things." "You like to tie girls up? But you knew that already, from the ad." Rory had done some searching and found Jeremy's personals ad online. And Rory had been looking for someone to tie Jillian to. To show her that she didn't really want that anymore, that she wasn't really bi, that sex with a man was disgusting and painful, that she should come back to Rory and be happy again. When she got lost in her thoughts, she got in trouble.

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She was small, and he had never had such a small woman before. She didn't ask what was so funny, but that was clearly her question. To be in a position where she was forced to have sex with me, but not because the erotic sensations are concentrated in one place." Rory's walls tightened around him a moment as she tensed up, trying to resist the urge to move. I did something different." "What were the pictures for -- the digital pictures you wanted? And I could only reach the combination and the key if I puuuushed a little harder to reach them. And when she pushed deep enough to scratch herself, Jeremy was gasping with pleasure.

I'm just going to lie still until those scissors come into reach. You think I'm going to get so turned on by your big manly spear that I'll be overcome with lust and pleasure myself on you? you," she hissed, scrunching her face in frustration at not being able to relieve the itch she was feeling. She took some deep quick breaths, closing her eyes and trying to concentrate. The sound of a soft groan caused her to stop abruptly.

As as I have them in hand, I'm going to cut myself loose and leave." "Bullshit," she replied. "But no," he went on, "I was not expecting you to want to do anything with me for any reason. He was right, the itching was getting worse and there was no way she could hold still. Jeremy was watching in perverted pleasure as she came to terms with the reality of her situation. And it was feeling so good to rub it against something right now.

The hot pink strands contrasting with the natural ebony of her silky locks seemed intended to give her a rebellious look -- a punk demeanor. I can fuck you up good," was probably what she wanted to project. I doubt they'll hear you shouting anything." The smugness of his expression was matched by the acidity of hers. He knew she was just as much trying to punch him as she was trying to get free. "You wanted to hear how it went with your ex-girlfriend," he said casually. tied up." His shoulders made a motion that looked like an attempt at a shrug. He closed his eyes and smiled broadly, soaking in the sensations of her motions above him.

Overcompensating for the otherwise childlikeness of her appearance, no doubt. But he saw through that, even during their first encounter. The pulling of hands until the wrists hurt from struggling against the bonds. The deepening realization that his cock was firmly planted inside her. To her credit, she didn't try any pleading or demanding. "But I thought it might be easier to understand her emotional state if you got to experience a little of it yourself." "Is this what you did to was a victim, too." He chuckled merrily. Rory moved as slightly as she could while still scratching all the affected area.

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