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Perhaps English in a Bible film will never quite sound the same after The Passion’s visionary use of ancient languages, but Middle-Eastern accents work better than the British or American English common in the past, and may set a new standard for such films.

Setting aside the fact that genetically the distance between Mary, a Middle Easterner, and a European, is far smaller than that between a European and a half-Maori actress, there’s a big geographical confusion.

So in order to develop a deeper sense of pride & appreciation, some of us bestow the titles of King & Queen upon one another opposed to referring to each other as…well…slave. There is also another population of Black people who love to remind everybody that Black people are Kings & Queens.

This population is known as the Hotep Tribe hailing from the ancient land of Blacklantis where they make it their business to unapologetically inform everybody they come into contact with that Black people descended from Kings & Queens. More specifically, they are referring to the ancient Kings & Queens of Egypt.

With Ngram Viewer you can check the patterns of popularity over time: While the older classical physical anthropology terms like “Negroid” and “Caucasoid” fell into disuse after 1960, as you’d expect, “Caucasian” went through a renaissance in the 1990s.

I think RPM’s supposition is probably correct, people wanted a pretentious term somewhat less coarse than white, and since most people are geography-challenged, “Caucasian” sounds good if you want to pose as the Further enhancing the realism is doubtless the most non-Caucasian cast in Hollywood Bible movie history.

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