Rebecca morgan dating

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At that time, Rebecca and Morgan seemed to be all comfortable with each other's company.

They seemed they were having fun and were laughing ear by ear, sharing jokes. They were first spotted together in East London walking together.

Married in 2015, the couple spends many adorable red carpet moments and their onscreen chemistry is great as well.

Today we are giving you exclusive information about Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector.

The couple surprised everyone when they secretly tied the knot in Saugerties, New York, on Saturday.

Being married for almost two years now the Iron man 3 star Rebecca Hall and Morgan Spector is all happy with each other and is enjoying their married life.

She took home the 2006 MTV Movie Award for 'Best Frightened Performance', and also received a 'Hollywood Life Breakthrough Award'.

She was also named 'Breakout Performer' at the 2006 Scream Awards.

That is when their love blossomed in the air and since then they started dating.

In the drama, the scenes featured them in bed together.

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