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While there was a decent amount of overlap (everybody likes exercise, swimming and walking), a few activities stood out as unique for each sex.Where the Women Are: -Doing arts and crafts -Dancing -Taking educational classes (languages, etc.) -Participating in book clubs -Going on shopping trips -Playing bing -Gardening and flower-arranging Where the Men Are: -Going on trips to sporting events -Playing billiards and ping pong -Golfing and fishing (write-in choices) For women, while you could join a book club or go on a shopping trip, you’re more likely to find men at the ballpark or in the game room, our survey suggests.And it is not enough if you say you have visited Prague, so you can easily imagine how similar Slovakia is.Because Czech republic with its capital Prague is a lot different from Slovakia.Tickets are a guaranteed sellout every year, as the city's newest venue hosts a nigh soaked in festive spirits and blood-curdling beats.Incredible costumes fill the entire place with pirates, vampires, ghouls and superheroes – anything goes, with the very best are rewarded with very special prizes.First of all you should know that the capital of Slovakia is Bratislava and to get around (or even to go between Bratislava and Wien, the best thing to do is to hire a Blacklane taxi like I did the last time when I flew to India.) For all the guys, this could be probably the only reason needed to visit Slovakia.It is said that Slovak girls belong to the most beautiful women in the world when it comes to natural beauty.’s survey offers other possibilities closer to home for single seniors who live in a senior-housing or retirement community.We all know about the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, and whilst they’re obviously well worth a visit, Prague is full of quirky sights and interesting activities to give you something to really remember.Many of these are even free, So, pick up your backpack and get out and see what Prague really has to offer: This street in Prague’s Mala Strana district is so narrow that it needs traffic lights to control the flow of pedestrians passing through it so that they can all fit, although we’re not sure what the punishment is for running a red light here.We are tall, with nice figure, spark in the eyes and of any hair colour you wish. So no worries, most of us will not look like a monster when 50!Nature of Slovakia is so breath-taking that we have 9 National parks which cover big part of the Slovak territory.

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