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Xbox One allows users to switch quickly between multiple applications.Well-written applications let users pick up where they left off during their last activity with relevant context loading quickly, even if the app was shut down since the last time the user accessed it.This document was originally written for Xbox One developers.

The Connected Storage API, specific to Xbox One, assists with saving and uploading that data.Apps cannot stop users from navigating away, as with the navigation model on modern smartphones and tablets.There are also other cases in which an exclusive app is suspended, such as the system's entering an idle or low power state when the user presses the power button on the console.When an app saves data, it is quickly copied from the exclusive partition into the shared partition so that the tasks of storing the data on disk and uploading it to Xbox Live Title Storage can be handled outside the lifetime of your app.When your app requests a specific user's data from the connected storage system, the system automatically checks with the cloud for updated data and notifies users if they need to wait for data to download.

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