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Located in a house, we ate lunch in the proprietors bedroom! Karenkatz, Westborough, Massachusetts Visiting the Great Wall is a delightful must for the first-time visitors to Beijing China. Hikers should take great care while hiking Jiankou Great Wall.The Great Wall was built in different times and dynasties, largely constructed in the three dynasties – Qin Dynasty (221 B. About 400km west of Beijing, Datong Great Wall is the epitome of the tamped earth wall in the northern China.There are 20 towers on the Mutianyu Great Wall snaking the ridge for about 3000 meters.The watch towers at the Mutianyu Great Wall are distributed at short intervals.

We provide comfortable vehicles like sedan, limousine, van & coach services per your request. Each section of the Great Wall has its own geographic and construction features.Datong Great Wall was an important part of the Wall's central section from the Yellow River to the passes leading to Beijing, vital to the defense of both central China and Beijing.Hebei Great Wall Tour Hebei Great Wall ( namely the Wall east of Beijing to the Sea) including the Wall near Beijing are the most luxuary sections of the Great Wall in China's history, which are made of majestic bricks and stones with a length of over 1000km.The Badaling Great Wall is the well preserved Ming Dynasty Great Wall with original appearance.Badaling Private Day Tours: Badaling Great Wall Half Day Tour Jinshanling Great Wall is located about 150 km from downtown Beijing.

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