Documentbuilderfactory setvalidating java

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Is it productive to spend one month writing a parser library when you need only a quarter of a day's work to process the data? It is more sensible to download a parser from the Internet or use one that ships with your favorite development tool.Admittedly, this example is oversimplified, but it illustrates the definition of a parser: an off-the-shelf component that isolates programmers from the specifics of the XML syntax.When you have more specific needs, turn to programming.This chapter introduces the best way to read XML documents from Java Script or Java.Likewise, there are validating and nonvalidating parsers.Both parsers enforce syntactic rules but only validating parsers know how to validate documents against their DTDs or schemas.The previous chapters showed how to view and transform XML documents.

Parsers are confusing because they have received a lot of publicity: There are dozens of parsers freely available on the Internet.

Validation is a process of checking the source XML document to correspond to the DOCTYPE it referes.

If the document corresponds to its doc-type it is calles valid, otherwise the document is invalid.

The parser catches most of the structural errors for you.

And you don't have to write a single line of code to benefit from the service: The parser figures it out by reading the DTD or the schema.

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