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It was cool to be able to work stuff out with her right there.” Shortly after Sean Paul worked with Beyonce on “Baby Boy,” rumors started circulating that the two are dating.

Jay Z was also prominently featured in the headlines because of his alleged jealousy.

1 single and several charting tracks, a new label deal and an album in the works.

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity, so rather than address the rumor, Sean Paul just let it linger. I just remained quiet about it for years because it was doing its work. "She's an amazing artist, the song was at #1 for like nine weeks, so that was a very special time for me and for dancehall." What's your favorite Sean Paul track?

Sean Paul scored a huge collaboration with Beyonce back in 2003 on “Baby Boy” which also sparked some relationship rumors.

Nicole [Scherzinger] is easier to look at and sing to, for me.

Sean Paul is no stranger to hit records, and his latest LP, Tomahawk Technique, will no doubt house its fair share of memorable cuts.

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