Chibi and rainbow dating

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If I drew something like this I would be afraid that I would ruin the drawing and couldn't add them because I was afraid ._.

Looks so cute :3 And how can you add that background?

UGHHHHHHRAINBOW WINGS I WISH I HAD WINGS LIKE THAT *^* I would both have wings and they would be this beautiful ._.

For the past few months, we've really been focusing on the new creative work.

It's not such a small town anymore, and a lot of the places I used to explore or hang out in are gone.

I guess that's the way it is for everyone, watching your childhood sort of disappear in a literal sense as your hometown changes.

Do you plan to release some teasers just as you did with 'Kill the Lights'?

RAINBOW: The release is actually scheduled for early September.

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