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But if you slip back to your old ways she is going to turn to a man who will satisfy this new craving that you’ve created.Once she has that taste and feels that it’s ok to let loose, she will desire raw masculine power and want to get tossed around and be physically satisfied.I never have the intention of providing advice that will lead men to imploding their marriage, but when you change the rules of the relationship there is no guarantee that she will want to play.My goal is to help you embrace your masculinity, Sex in marriage has been something I’ve covered in depth since the beginning of TFA.

Rather because her feminine energy is pulled to that masculine energy and she knows that around this manly man, she can be her pure feminine self, to include being horny & sexually open, even a wife of two decades can become your slut like never before.

What I’m suggesting and the advice I’m offering here is for you to that slut out by being a man who gets women to do whatever is necessary to keep him focused on her.

A high value man with options is one who is going to have a wife who is his slut.

It is up to you, the masculine man in the relationship to create an environment that allows your woman to be her dirty, slutty, nasty self.

You know exactly what I mean, no man wants to marry or date a whore, but Alpha, so I’m going to cater my message to the married man.

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