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Performing a DNS transfer to 1&1 (using 1&1 name servers) will NOT transfer the website files, databases, e-mail accounts, etc.

It is possible to transfer this data to your 1&1 hosting package before the DNS is changed to point to 1&1.

ISPs use caches for DNS records (store the record locally rather than retrieving fresh data from nameservers) to speed up Web browsing and reduce traffic, which delay the time until changes are visible to your visitors.

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Tip: We recommend using the 1&1 name servers so that you will be able to use all of the 1&1 services and features.But they still want you to know that your choice is a binary one: Pay up, or kiss your sweet files goodbye forever.Visit the Crypto Sheriff page at nomoreransom.org, upload one of the files encrypted by the ransomware, and the site will let you know if there is a solution available to unlock all of your files for free.These days if your mobile or desktop computer is infected what gets installed is likely to be “ransomware” — malicious software that locks your most prized documents, songs and pictures with strong encryption and then requires you to pay for a key to unlock the victims), paying up means a crash course in acquiring the virtual currency known as Bitcoin.The first place victims should look to find out is nomoreransom.org, a site backed by security firms and cybersecurity organizations in 22 countries.

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