Updating escd nvram protected

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I knew the MSR register I was interested in was 0x3A so I could work out the opcode of the instruction "WRMSR 0x3A" and then search for it within all the BIOS code I had.

For this you need the manufacturers CPU manuals that detail the opcodes to hand.

The Mac community has found a way to enable VT in Mac Books Pro via EFI patching. I just found this thread which made your intention clearer to me: I was told by a technician that with the new Clevo M570RU (17'' Santa Rosa model) you can switch VMX within BIOS.

i bought an VGN AR21S and now i found out that VT is disabled and can not be activated!

if you want i can test your kernel module (i'm using ubuntu 7.04 32bit) thanx in advance, treb Intuitive Nipple: I've been trying to repeat your recipe for some time, but with limited success.

Thanks in advance I guess most of the knowledge on how to do this is something I've acquired from years of programming, hacking, and system-building.

It helps a great deal to have an instinctive 'feel' for how programs appear in assembly-language especially, and the choices of instructions to achieve particular aims.

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