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“We’re looking for someone who will lead this statewide program with a deep-seated commitment to access to justice and a vision to strengthen the program as it carries forward, despite inevitable political shifts,” says Shalamar Parham, president of the program’s Board of Directors.“The needs of our clients remain regardless of those ups and downs, and that’s who we, along with the new executive director, are here to serve.” GLSP’s vision is of a world in which families are safe and secure, all people have enough to eat and a roof overhead, children attend good schools, health care is available when needed, people with disabilities are able to do everything they are able to do, and people of all languages and cultures feel at home with each other.GLSP’s practice areas and special projects include economic and community development, education; family law and family violence, farmworker rights, health care, housing, public benefits, outreach to the Latino community, elder rights, emergency disaster assistance, and the State Bar’s pro bono project. Applications for the Executive Director position will be accepted until the position is filled, though candidates are urged to submit their materials by December 15, 2017.More information about the application requirements are available here ( and applicants can apply via GLSP’s website here: Details.aspx? Candidates with questions about the position or process are encouraged to contact Patricia Pap, executive director of Management Information Exchange, at [email protected]

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