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In the middle of it all, helping coordinate the activity, was Teichberg.

The next day, while covering a nonviolent protest outside the convention hall, a police officer shot my camera out of my hands with a rubber bullet.

Social media allowed us to short-circuit mainstream censorship. That made it impossible for the mainstream press to reframe what we were doing in a negative way.” protesters on the sidewalk and arrest dozens.

When the market for that debt collapsed in 2008, it triggered the Great Recession.“This was right after 9/11,” Teichberg remembers, “as the government and mainstream media started beating the drums of war.” When Muslim communities in the United States were harassed, “it became apparent to me that we were starting [down a road to] fascism.” the Princeton alumni newsletter his goal was, “to combat the rising tide of fascism in the United States,” by “testing ways to use modern media to get people to start asking questions about what was going on.”In 2005, Time’s Up!There was a constant smell of marijuana, and a white powder called diatomaceous earth was spread in front of the loft’s many rooms to keep bedbugs and fleas at bay.In 13’s basement was the Bunker, a space filled with computers, cameras and Pelican cases of electronic equipment.That night, when protesters set up camp in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park, the first thing Teichberg and his team did was establish a makeshift media center around concrete tables in the park’s northeast corner.The Occupy Wall Street media center was filled with Hackintoshes, cameras and mobile internet hotspots.

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