Dating for the larger lady

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Since this fragrance has patchouli in its base, it quite possibly could be that I just don't sense it, but it's there. Honey, honey, honey the main note here is honey.a really nice smooth quality scent. You might not smell yourself wearing this but belive me everyone around you is smelling you.

So I guess, longevity could be more than 1-2 hours. I love Lady Million it’s gorgeous, I apply 6 heavy sprays and I’m surrounded by a heavenly cloud of sweetness all day long, Sillage and longevity are awesome. Best suited for fall/ winter and night Uniqueness/smell 9/10 Longevity 10/10 Projection 10/10 Sillage 10/10 Versatility 8/10 Overall 9/10 This perfume is soo nice!

A very soapy sweet scent that is a bit over the top, I don't really get the hype...there is something biting my nose in the background if that makes sense and it's just not unique enough in my opinion to garner all this attention. At least now I know for sure that I really dislike honey note dominating in perfumes.

Two years after men's edition, fragrant lady finally appears - Lady Million!

We can just assume if this lady wants to earn millions or look like a million dollar.

The Lady Million woman is dazzling, always seductive. Lady Million is fresh, floral and woody, like a nectar of voluptuous flowers, trailing delicately but still very present.

Powerfully seductive, the sparkle of bitter orange with a touch of raspberry reveals the first breath. But then the lethal weapon of heady orange blossom slips out of its sheath.

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